Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hot D'agua

Some time ago, in a far away place, I bought Justin and myself a couple of water bottles. These were no ordinary bottles I tell ye. Actually it wasn't very long ago that I bought the bottles, and I wasn't really in a far away place when I bought them. Though I suppose my humble abode is far away from some places... like Hogwarts. 

Back on track. These bottles are infuser bottles so you can stick fruit/veggies/mint leaves etc in the infuser ma bob to create a decadent touch to plain old agua. I often get comments on my bottle while I'm at work. The other day I was working with someone and our conversation went something like this:

Co-Worker: Wow that is a neat bottle

Me: Thanks. I love it. 

Co-Worker: Aren't you vegan?

Me: Yes?

Co-Worker: Then why do you have hot dogs and apples in your water bottle? 

I did know someone one time who claimed to be a vegetarian except for hot dogs. Kind of like some of those people who claim to be vegan yet eat dairy ice cream and cheese by the bucket full. So I guess it wasn't that unrealistic that my co-worker thought I was having me some hot dog water but come on ... Even if I weren't vegan I don't think Apple hot dog water sounds good exactly? Hmmm maybe it could be a thing like bacon is these days. 

For the record it was cherries, limes, and mint leaves in my bottle. 

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