Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chipping Away

Justin and I were on our way back from Vegas this past week when I decided to down a bag of chips because the donuts I ate weren't enough to satiate me. I thoroughly enjoyed every last bite of my chips...or so I thought. 

I felt a strange discomfort around my chest area. I wondered mildly what the devil was going on but didn't bother to check things out because k might accidentally flash oncoming traffic. Finally when we arrived home I took a peek to find a very large crum pile on my chest and an orange stain on the inside of my bikini top. 
Unfortunately the stain didn't lift when I washed it :(

I never did find the chip. I think that I may have just invented a new way to eat chips without consuming the calories. Just smash them right into your skin and taste the flavor. Also you'll earn an orange tinted tan as an added bonus. 

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