Sunday, April 5, 2015

You're A Mean Girl

This weekend I enjoyed the company of one of my best friends. We went to get pedicures for the first time since we got locked in the mall together a few years ago and the Sears employees wouldn't let us leave. We made sure to schedule our services early enough in the day so the same thing didn't happen. 

We did a bit of shopping and indulged in pretzels and raspberry lemonade before we endured the painfully ticklish pedicures. We were ambling along the upper corridor of the mall when three women came speed walking towards us 

 The woman closest to me bellowed,  "Oh my God you need to move!" 

It should be noted between my friend and I only about 1/5 of the walkway was taken up. The three women took up a little more than 4/5 when walking elbow to elbow. I couldn't believe my ear as I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to stare after the angry lass. 

My friend suddenly in a valiant and brave effort to defend my honor shouted: "I don't understand how you have any friends!" 

Then we had to speed walk away because the three menacing looking trolls rounded on us and looked as though they might pummel us. 

It was pretty comical that my friend responded in the way she did. I couldn't help but picture that "Mean Girls," scene:

But seriously how do people act that way in public, and treat individuals who they have never met in such an unfriendly way?

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