Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thought of the Day...

Today was crazy busy at work. You know the kind of day where the computer breaks, the printer follows suit, then computer programs go haywire and the patients are mostly glum. I made it through fortunately. I day dreamed of vegan cake each time stress would creep up and longed to have one delivered which I would totally be willing to share I might add. Unfortunately for everyone involved I don't know of any bakeries that deliver vegan cake. 

To quash my sweet tooth after work I headed over to Moxie Java for a coconut raspberry (cream-free) Italian soda. The barista asked me to taste the final product to make sure it was okay. It was SOda-licious (see what I did there). I started crying because it was that good or I was that brain dead after my shift. Anyway I drove away in embarrassment and pretty much downed the whole thing immediately. Ooh the little things in life. 

I found this note in my work binder mid way through the day that I had written previously that said: 'thought of the day- start a cat cafe!' And that kind of lifted my spirits. I totally do need to start a cat cafe how do we not have one of those in Idaho?!  

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