Saturday, April 25, 2015

Song of the Me

When I have a long day/week at work I want nothing more than to be able to apparate to the beach and pet narwhals, but I'm realistic. I realize that narwhals want to eat donuts, and I don't have any of those that I haven't already eaten so I resort to plan b: sit on my rump and watch cartoons and/or Harry Potter. 

Justin and I have a Netflix subscription. Luckily our insta watch gets some usage but we have this horrible habit of not watching the discs that come in the mail. Justin blames me for this since I refused to finish watching "Song of the Sea," when it caused me to go to the ER not once but twice during the kidney stone days. Those darn seals looked so innocent too:

Anyway the following conversation transpired Wednesday evening after our Netflix movie had been sitting on our counter for a week. 

Justin: Do you want to watch that Netflix movie or will you magically get a kidney stone?

Me: Well since it isn't "Song of the Sea," I won't get a kidney stone duh. 

Justin: So you actually want to watch it then?

Me: Does it have a lot of cuddly cats, and is it fun loving because I'm in the mood for something light hearted. 

Justin: it's called "A Most Violent Year."

Me: ... So no cats then?

Justin: I doubt it. 

I should mention we wound up watching "Cake," which I rented from Hastings. It is that new Jennifer Anisron movie. While it barely had anything to do with cake it was still pretty good :)

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