Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bracing Myself

I was at the store the other day and somehow managed to find myself in the children's toy section. I ogled over the colorfully packaged items displayed perfectly in the "activity," section; whole kits devoted to the movie "Frozen," pottery making supplies, sand sculptures, coloring books and jewelry kits galore.

I rarely was allowed these type of creative kits when I was little. This is likely due to my clumsy nature as a child. Had I been gifted a beading set I would have knocked over the kit and caused a storm of multi colored beads to rain over the entire house for sure. But today here and now as I am 29 years old and have my own home to risk spilling beads over I purchased this kit:

I took the kit over to one of my BFFs houses and we made-tried to make- bracelets. As the clock ticked on sweat began to bead on our foreheads and our curses became louder. My friend gave up with her venture but I, with my strong willed personality, forged on as though I were Frodo trying to destroy the one ring that ruled them all. 

Behold the gift I made for Justin who sadly broke his previous bracelet, which he had worn a decade or so, a few weeks back:

Unfortunately, for reasons my mind simply can not begin to understand... He won't wear it. Something about how he would have a lot of explaining to do at work??? Pity. My blood sweat and tears proved fruitless. If only I'd made the string a bit longer I could have made it an anklet. 

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