Sunday, June 7, 2015

Face Off

This weekend a most anticipated package arrived to our casa. Much like I school girl I giggled with excitement as I rifled through the contents of said box. My giggles quickly turned into an evil laughter as I produced the new caffeine masks that look straight up out of that Leatherface movie. 

I plotted all weekend on how best to scare Justin. I contemplated waking him up in the morning with it, standing over him in the dark with it on while he slept, and jumping out of the closet unexpectedly.

 I greatly feared my antics would result in cardiac arrest on Justin's part or a strong bludgeon to the head for me. Finally I decided to creep up on him while he was finishing the final pages of his serial killer James Patterson book. My greatest heart's desires were fulfilled as I managed to give him quite the fright. Maybe that will teach him not to read James Annoying Patterson..:

I was eventually pestered to go  upstairs where I proceeded to take like ten selfies because I couldn't get over how amazeballs I looked. 

(Apparently here LeBron James is photobombing me)

Who wore it better? 

(Dwight from the office wearing the CPR dummy's face he cut off)

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