Sunday, June 21, 2015

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Justin and I enjoyed our quick weekend together. Funny how the time always seems to fly when you're having fun. 

Yesterday we spent the day with one of my BFFs. We had a bbq and I even got my very own butternut squash to savor while the others devoured their bbq grilled chicken and steak. I also had me some juice with wiener dog ice cubes
Next we played that corn hole game. I some how managed to win, likely because my partner was a mastermind. Next we tried to pet some cows and finally played the card game 99 with quarters. Justin was the big winner $6.00 my friends. 

Today was Father's Day so we spent a lovely afternoon with Justin's dad and mom. We cleverly wrapped Justin's Dad's gifts in a nifty backpack....

I know you're jelly. 

Here is a photo I took of Justin on one of our pit stops:

Oh what an Icee can do for a man. 

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