Monday, June 22, 2015

Baker City Kitties

It's a new week and I'm on a new work trip. All this time away from Justin makes me feel like I'm wrapped up in the plot of a sob-by Lifetime movie. At least most of those have happy endings. Hopefully our lives aren't like that horrid "Craigslist Killer," Lifetime movie *shudder. Justin; if you're reading this and looking at Craigslist STOP! This won't end well. 

Today we arrived extra early to our hotel since we departed the hospital quicker than we'd anticipated. Unfortunately we were unable to check in early since Mrs. Grumpy Hospitality Lady was in a mood. This allowed us to explore the historic downtown area where I snapped two photos. I would have gotten more but I was distracted by a real live kitty in a store front. The darn store was closed as were most of the shops since it was Monday; a fine reason to be closed. 

My mission is to find the kitty and pet it before we leave. 

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