Monday, June 8, 2015


Today was sweltering. One of those my clothes are sticking to me immediately upon crossing the threshold to the outdoors kind of days. Here I am at nearly 11:00pm anxiously awaiting our Eco-friendly thermostat to adjust to a comfortable temperature so I can drift to sleep. 4:00 AM will undoubtedly come early. 

I considered building a sheet fort but my fan isn't big enough. Now that I'm old I do also acknowledge the imminent danger of said sheet forts which I constructed many moons ago in my youth. I would prop up the tall fan, turn off the oscillation mode and place my flat sheet over the top of the fan creating a wind blown some-like sanctuary. Ahhh the sweet memories. Wouldn't you know it; the interwebs has photos which closely resemble the forts I'm claiming to have invented... This is problematic. Am I Columbusing?

Fast forward to current day where I've stricken flat sheets from my bed owing to the annoying bunching properties they possess. Perhaps it is time to reconsider. I do love me some summer heat but holy pit stains this is  flirting with unbearable. 

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