Thursday, June 25, 2015

Foreign Trips

I'm watching the seconds tick by on the last day of our mobile trip. I still have yet to find the kitties but hopefully lunch will allow me to fill my trip's mission. 

This morning we had a few gaps in our schedule. I had finished reading my book last night because I simply could not put it down (The Cuckoo's Calling by JK Rowling). I have part two at home and am anxiously awaiting reading it. Now here I am looking for things to occupy my mind. 

I noticed the microwave has a diet cook mode on it. First I thought it said diet coke so I was excited to put my water in there and have it change but then I realized what it actually said. All these years I haven't used a microwave and then I see you can cook food and it turns into a "diet," version. I'm going to put cake in there that way I can eat as much as I want. 

I also discovered this book in my work drawer so I'm learning some new words. 

Also A new word to use around home :)
Justin get your colilla ready for me to come home. Or possibly culo. 

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