Sunday, October 26, 2014

Break Me Off A Piece Of That

This weekend was a rough one. More on that later when I have some time :) I have been missing Justin tremendously lately since we have been so busy. Not a day passes that he isn't working overtime and I'm not ripping my hair out from studying so much. 

One day this week I got to snooze for an extra hour after justin had left for work which was divine. What wasn't divine was the strange dream I had about my ex boyfriend. I was stealing food from his refrigerator (he lived in a gas station in my dream and had an extensive refrigerator I might add). I kept thinking I was dating this really great guy yet I could not figure out who it was or where he was in my dream so instead I just stole food because heaven forbid I ever forget what food is. 

I kept trying to gnaw on this apple and for the life of me I could not bite off any juicy chunks. It was highly frustrating. I was trying to emotionally eat but alas my efforts were futile. Fortunately I somehow realized in my dream that I was having a dream and I awoke sucking on the corner of a wooden photo frame with a picture of Justin in it. 

So apparently my sleep antics are kicking in again. Thank goodness the frame I had is on my nightstand so I didn't have to go too far to get it, so at least I'm not sleep walking again yet. But I'm sure as the end of the semester draws nearer I'll be hosting cocktail parties, doing acrobats, and robbing cake stores. 

Mmm break me off a piece of that rock hard frame. (Ps my favorite photo ever of justin-you're welcome)

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