Thursday, October 9, 2014

Los Stomach Problemos

Justin likes to go to Los Betos and get fries slathered in taco meat, cheese and who knows what else. Usually the consequences of eating this meal far outweigh the benefit but Justin doesn't see it that way. 

So tonight when I wasn't feeling particularly well Justin jumped at the opportunity to get Los Betos despite the five-ten times over the course of our relationship where I've heard "never let me eat Los Betos again." *sigh he was getting ready to tuck me in and the storm is already a brewing. So now we wait until it passes. 

In other news I learned a new word for my word arsenal: cupache. What does it mean you ask? An intense craving for a cupcake. I know not where this word came from or when It was coined but it is my new favorite word. Naturally here I would have inserted a photo of a decadent cupcake however my Internet is running terribly slow on my iPhone. So alas, I fear you will have to let your imagination run away with you as you mentally conjure an image worthy of getting a cupache over. <|:-{D      <- look it is Dumbledore. 

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