Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let's Take the Narwhal to the Elephant House

I've officially added another destination to my list of places I would like to go someday... The Elephant House gourmet tea & coffee house in Edinburgh. I know what you're thinking why go all the way to Edinburgh for tea and coffee when there is a cafe on every corner in Boise? Well this particular cafe is where JK Rowling worked on the Harry Potter series. I learned this from an acquaintance's FB post today. Also The Elephant House? As in elephants my favorite animal that doesn't have a narwhal tooth or fly? Yes. It's pretty much like fate is calling me to Edinburgh. I've heard bits about their art festival but now I simply must go. I wonder if they offer transportation via riding a narwhal since it seems like it'd be a lengthy plane ride. 

So my expedition list now includes: Harry Potter World, a Narwhal Adventure Extravaganza and Edinburgh :) if the narwhal mode of transportation ever becomes a thing then I could absolutely knock all three out in one go. Win-Win-Win. 
My phone won't let me photo credit the above photos like I normally can from my lap top. But the sites I stole them from are listed. The Elephant House has a window which overlooks the Edinburgh castle. Does it remind you of anything? 

In other exciting news Whole Foods had vegan pumpkin pie the other day. I offered to split it with Justin but he is making me eat the entire thing. I tell ya; it is a rough life. 

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