Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spirit Expeditions of Boise

I would like to take a moment to say Spirit Expeditions of Boise is horrible. I don’t normally share my disdain for companies, but I feel it is necessary in this instance. Justin’s parents have been overly helpful to us recently.  Though there really is nothing that can properly convey our gratitude I, in my normal deluded self, thought an excursion/tour through downtown Boise visiting all of the haunted places would be a way to partially/minutely say thank you. Because what normal person doesn’t say thank you via haunted tours which explain the history of notorious serial killers and murder locations?

We excitedly arrived outside of the Egyptian theater and awaited our tour guide (as directed) for several minutes. A few minutes into our waiting I did as the email advised and called the emergency number since our tour guide was nowhere to be seen. After a lengthy recorded message advised me to leave a voice mail, and that someone would call us back, a second voice came on the line informing me that the mailbox was full. Each time I called back the phone never rang-allegedly because they were so busy-and I continually reached the recorded message. 

The other party who was also there waiting and we eventually left. I then sent an email to the company and Groupon (where I had purchased the tour) sharing my experience and demanding a refund. This morning I received a response from the company stating that they hoped I enjoyed the tour and to leave a review. So a review will most assuredly be left as soon as a refund is issued. In the meantime I advise anyone and everyone avoid that company at all costs. 

It should also be noted that I did read Groupon reviews before purchasing, the majority of which were positive. Justin discovered reviews which are quite the contrary on yelp.

My face after my experience
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