Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Hidden Brown in Hash Tags

My life has been momentarily consumed with JK Rowling and her cryptic tweet ("Cry, Foe! Run amok! Fa awry! My wand won't tolerate this nonsense"). I even got me a tweeter account to play along with the guessing game. Don't worry I will be cancelling it when this has blown over because after all I am much too long winded for Twitter. Also hash tags always make me want hash browns and all I would ever be tweeting would be "hast...browns again for dinner!" Back on topic- I learned bright and early this morning that my guess from last night for the cryptic tweet, with taking the Mad Gab approach, was seriously flawed. It appears as though her sentences were an anagram. So now I have come up with this:

Newt Scamander wrote his neat tale on New York for you my fans

Obviously this is probably wrong too since I doubt that JK Rowling would use the word neat.  I must say my original guess was way more open ended and fun but hey, a girl can dream right. I haven't forgotten that Rowling once stated she was done with the Harry Potter world forever. But hope has been glittering endlessly since this whole "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" situation.

Anyway last night Justin and I watched "Lord of the Rings," go figure.

Also I am happy to report that Justin and I celebrated a 23 month anniversary of dating. Yes we do still celebrate the months because despite what you may think we are both 14 year old school girls who get giddy and excited about these kind of things. Since the number 23 is significant in the basketball world which Justin adores I got him a miniature Michael Jordan figurine and baseball cards from the 1990s. Also the Space Jam movie. If we ever celebrate a 23 year anniversary perhaps I can take Justin to meet the man in the flesh. This of course is highly unlikely since he will be in his 80s at that time (Jordan not Justin), however I am quite sure that happening is even less likely than Rowling writing another Harry Potter'ed plot book. I am going to go find me something to quell this mad craving for hash browns that has come out of no where. 

Here in Boise it has been in the 80s as of late but here is a photo of somewhere where it is fall. I simply had to leave this post with a photo. Photo Credit: Imgur

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