Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holy Visions

I have been studying my buns off for exams the past several days. This morning I awoke at the crack of dawn to get a few more hours of cramming in before one of my exams. I began the day by scrolling through my Facebook feed. I usually try not to do this in the morning since I get very sidetracked... But today I relented. I saw this article about awesome things in Montana and I though oh goodness I had better read this because I went to Montana one time (to massacre a deer and to attend one of my best friend's weddings) and it was pretty awesome (the wedding not the deer maiming).

I started scrolling through the photos of wondrous looking landscapes and then arrived at this photo:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Then I was like Sarumon the White?

Photo Credit: LOTR (Fellowship of the Ring)
Then I thought, wait no- Montana wouldn't have Sarumon up in their mountains because all Sarumon ever does is try to bring down the mountains, so it must be Gandalf the white...

Photo Credit: LOTR (Two Towers)
But then like 30 minutes later I figured out I was wrong on both counts because why on earth would there be a Gandalf in Montana on top of a mountain without at least one hobbit. Anyway I googled the photo and then realized that it was the Virgin Mary. So I guess now I know where my priorities lie.

Also it should be noted that when I searched for Gandalf the white this came up in my news feed. Yes... Yes this just speaks to me. And I would totally wear this minus the boots.
Photo Credit:
Zoomed image for all those with screens that can't zoom in.

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