Monday, November 10, 2014

The Great Flood

Yesterday after Justin read my blog he was like:

Justin: Hey I noticed you didn’t write about the flood in the bathroom.

Me: Ya, I got distracted by those penguin butts

Justin: I see… you had to talk about us round-house kicking in the living room but you couldn’t talk about when you flooded the bathroom.

Me: You mean when YOU flooded the bathroom. 

Honestly I was just trying to save Justin the embarrassment because it was totally his fault when I turned on the shower and didn’t make sure the curtain was in the right place, causing the water to flood all over the bathroom floor since I had aimed the nozzle at the curtain the last time I was in the shower. Furthermore it was his fault for making me chase him around for ten minutes before I went in the bathroom to actually take my shower, only to discover that a flood similar to that which Noah’s ark had to withstand. And the animals didn’t even come which sucks because I totally could have gotten a couple of cats and narwhals, and unicorns. 

In unrelated news- I found this on I am not sure how I feel about it; mostly because koalas and penguins are no where near narwhals when one considers their habitats...
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  1. I love reading your blog! I love the life you two share and furthermore I feel extremely blessed to call you my best friend! ��

  2. :) Aww thank you so much dear friend. I am truly lucky to have such wonderful friends and such a fantastic big-butted boyfriend :)