Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Smelly Blast from the Past

I lost this book I sold on eBay so I went through every single box in the garage and all of our (5) closets. I eventually found the book however I also found many more things to list on eBay. This just might be one of them.
He stinks very much like dirty cats and garbage, he also has some stains on him. Behold: Bozo! 

My gf suggested I awake Justin with him in the morning but being as Justin is quite skittish and believes in Toy Story type scenarios. I don't want him to accidentally murder me or smelly Bozo because it would be neither one of our faults if Justin succeeded in maiming/killing us. Then Justin would just have to go to prison and nobody wants that. Not even Mr. Stinky. 

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