Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gluttony and Sloth

I developed a sweet tooth (or many for that matter) early on in life. I remember only wanting to eat peanut butter and chocolate when I was a child. I remember not being able to sleep when I was about five or six years old so I got out of bed and penned a "recipe" which was essentially comprised of every type of candy fathomable stirred into chocolate pudding. I waited up all night then when the time was appropriate to get out of bed I begged my mom to help me concoct this dreamy pudding but she refused. Probably because couldn't understand my highly creative mind and exquisite taste for fine things or perhaps she just didn't want me to have early onset diabetes. 

Fortunately now when I have sudden cravings for random things I have an entire kitchen and pantry stocked with fixin's to calm the hangry beast that lives within me. Although my sweet tooth remains; I have grown to just love all food in general (that is vegan of course). 

Justin is usually there on the receiving end of whatever it is that I whip up. Whether or not that is a good thing; you will have to ask him. Except he will probably claim that sometimes I pretend he is on the receiving end when in reality I eat everything in sight. Like that time I made justin raspberry chocolate brownies for Valentine's Day but there was none left for him by the time he got to my house that evening. 

Anyway long story short... I made vegan hollandaise today to top off the jalapeƱo/green pepper/tomato hash-browns I cooked up for breakfast and it was amazeballs. I'm super excited about it because I felt all house wife-ish and most of the time I feel manly. That is all I have today because I have pretty much been like this the past few days... Except when I made hollandaise. 

Next week will be better. 

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