Friday, January 16, 2015

Flocks of Food

I got home from errands and Justin had, perhaps unknowingly, set up a booby trap for me. I am in LOVE with Brussel sprouts lately. We have them a couple of times a week. I was famished when I entered the kitchen to and found a very delectable looking pan filled with magical brussel sprouts. I tossed several in my mouth at once only to realize that they were not magic, but raw and covered in olive oil. Which by the way olive oil is disgusting raw. 

I had to pay Justin back even though I'm 100% sure he didn't set that trap intentionally because he needs to learn to live with a person who shoves most kinds of food in their mouth when it is in sight. This is why we can't have bowls of fake fruit out. Who invented those anyway? Also those fake dessert carts that they take around at places like Macaroni Grill are trouble I tell you. Does that place even exist anymore? Probably not because there was probably an uproar about those plastic desserts. 

Enough about tricky food. I needed to pay Justin back for his lack of consideration to my food obsession. After showering I chased him around doing that weird thing where I do mini jumps on his backside. I know this makes no sense but there really is no way to describe it. 

Justin: What the heck I cook you dinner and this is how you repay me?

Me: You tricked me into eating non-cooked brussel sprouts. 

Justin: Well you dry humped me and the burped in my face. 

Me: That is not dry humping. And I don't think I burped. 

Justin: Yes you burped it was super loud. 

Me: okay fine I may have burped on accident, but I didn't dry hump you. 

Upon reflection of this blog I must admit that it is clear who wears the pants in our relationship. 

This blog needs a photo so I leave you with this.
There is a murder of crows who live close to our house, and a very large one at that. This is about one one hundredth of the group. They meet at A&W every night. Probably because of the root beer floats and french fries. 

I just reminded myself of this meme. Ba ha ha. 

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