Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Could It Be Second Christmas?

I would like to call today second Christmas. 'Why?' You ask? Because these came in the mail and I am absolutely thrilled. 

Unfortunately I am scared to wear them outside currently; being as the ground is covered with mush from the frequent dustings of snow and freezing rain. But before we know it the temperatures will turn and I will be prancing around town waving my feet at people like a crazy person. 

In addition to my hip new footwear I opted to swap my fermented filled chocolate cake breakfast for a healthier yet still delicious oatmeal/banana/applesauce cookie bar. Justin's mom was kind enough to make them for us. I do still have some chocolate cake left so I can mix it up when I am feeling extra gluttonous, however for now I am switching it up. Not because I'm trying to be healthy but because in order to appreciate the rich wonder that is raspberry chocolate cake, one can not over indulge too much... Other wise I may become like this:
Obviously fermented filling makes one become riddled with a combination of gangrene and elephantitis... Sad but could maybe be true; just never know about this world and its goings on. 

Now if you will excuse me it is past my bed time and I need to go hug my new shoes goodnight :) may your dreams be filled with muggles, magic and sweets. 

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