Monday, January 5, 2015

Case of the Mondays

Today started most definitely as a stereotypical kind of Monday. I had big plans, and lots of things to accomplish today. Unfortunately I left my house slightly later than I would have liked. I blame the fermented raspberry filing in the chocolate cake I had for breakfast. 

About midway to my first destination (after 20 minutes of driving or so) I realized I forgot my wristlet which holds all of my cash and cards. I had taken it out of my purse earlier in the day to pay a bill and neglected to replace it. To placate my temper I considered making a pit stop at one of my favorite thinking places but the freezing rain did not sound appealing.
So instead I talked like an angry dinosaur in the car the entire rest of the way to my first stop. Fortunately for me this stop did not require my wallet but every other stop I had to make did. 

I called my friend after handling my business affairs, and she too was having an irritating day. She was angrily trying to commiserate with me while explaining something to me all in a huff when she said; "and so I decided to caution on the side of err because it was the smart thing to do."

Yes, yes my friend you are so wise :) She gave me just the laugh I needed. Ahh, the little things in life. Although I guess true friendships aren't very little they are in fact rare gems in a sea of madness.

My day did turn around quickly after that. Justin picked up dinner so I didn't have to grocery shop, and he helped take care of a few of the other things I wanted to accomplish. That man just makes me fall more and more in love with him every day. 

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