Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dark Magic

My "to-do" list ran out. I can't tell you when the last time was that happened. Since it ran out I have been busy relaxing, watching My Little Pony (the one from the 80s), re-reading the Harry Potter series, and working on a few of those things I had in mind for the New Year. 

I have been ignoring my phone until early afternoon to work on certain things that can't be done with interruptions. This has been a tremendous help. I never realized how consumed I was by all of the calls/texts/games until I went without it. 

Anyway enough of that. I flipped on the television the other day for some background noise when I realized "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," was on. Although this is my least favorite of the HP movies I hadn't seen it in ages so I opted to leave the channel as it was. Plus it was the perfect excuse to wear my new Hogwarts shoes because of course I have to have them on when HP is on...just in case they suddenly turn into some weird "Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz," shoes, and I suddenly transport to Voldemort's lair or Diagon Alley. Unfortunately I did not suddenly transport to any wizarding world during the film, but I guess that is a good thing because I would need a certain big-butted man to accompany me on any journey like that. At the conclusion of the program I shut off the television while I worked on some more things. 

Justin got home and we were getting ready to watch "Boy Meets World," like we do every night because Justin always begs me to watch it. He usually jumps up and down repeatedly while saying "pppaaaalease?!?" In a girlish voice while I cast him a look of the utmost pity and then relent. I'm such a good girlfriend. 

So Justin casually flipped on the television and there were boobs and butts everywhere and something about porn. I stood there affronted and open jawed. 

Justin: what is this?

Me: uhhhh....

Justin: I thought you said you were watching Harry Potter today?

Me: I was watching Harry Potter, they tricked me! This is dark magic. 

Justin: oh this is HBO-but why is this on it is only eight o'clock...

Me: What is this world coming to? 

Justin: We have a free trial, it was supposed to end. 

Me: make it end!

He changed the channel which was quick (and smart) thinking on his part. I was thinking of karate kicking the big screen.  I am glad Justin resolved the issue before I had to. The HBO gods must have heard our complaints because today the channel was no longer available. Oh and, fret not because the "Boy Meets World," marathon continues since I never karate kicked the television. 

Ps- I found think a few weeks ago. Pretty cleaver. 

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