Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mr. Bubble Butt and the Mystery Bubbles

I found this really old blog I had written about soap like six-eight months ago. I had just been to Bath and Body Works to take advantage of one of their hand soap sales that they always seem to have ongoing. I was very eager to use the soaps but Justin (the frugal and patient man he is) was fighting me on it. There is another version of this somewhere on my computer but I stumbled upon this in my phone and decided to post it. 

Bath and Body works is trying to break Justin and me up because today I had to fib and it was all their fault. I purchased not one, not two, but six new hand soaps because they made me. They all smell delightful and are fall scents. Obviously I had to get six bottles because they were having a sale and I was just trying to be smart. 

I brought them all home yesterday and Justin said I am allowed to open one. In about a month we will be moving into our house where we will have three bathrooms so maybe things will change by then, but I am having a hard time waiting. Unfortunately I have this old stock pile of half used soaps that have been hidden away in the dark under the sink cabinet for ages. I've collected them throughout the seasons and try to swap them out to keep up with the holiday spirits as they come and go. Trouble is I get bored of the half full bottles under the sink and they tend to rack up. 

Justin was at work today and I was home studying. I opened the one bottle of soap I was allowed to and decided to work on making the other soap under the sink disappear. The problem with this plan was that it was close to Justin coming home. After doing dishes I dumped a couple bottles that had about an inch of soap in them down the kitchen drain and then proceeded to rinse them. When I tried to rinse them (so I could recycle them) it created this huge blanket of bubbles that was like a foot higher than the sink top. I tried the best I could to water it down but I heard Justin unlocking the door. 

I quickly threw the empty bottles in the recycler and sat on the couch. 

Justin: Hey

Me: Hello wonderful boyfriend. How was your day?

Justin: It was good. What's in the sink? Oh I see you did dishes. 

Me: why yes... Yes I did do the dishes. That is all that I did was the dishes. 
Over the course of the next couple of days I got rid of lots of nearly empty bottles and eventually got to open up another new bottle of soap for the kitchen sink before moving to the house. But every time I washed my hands I felt super guilty because of the $0.10  worth of soap I had wasted. And I kept thinking about how I just really wanted to wash my hands of the crime I committed but it was impossible. *sigh. 

Since I have finally outed myself I can only assume a punishment is on the horizon for me. So you can feel bad for me I have enclosed of photo of Justin when he is mad. This is the face of terror I have to look forward to after he realizes I posted this blog. 

Be afraid for me. Be very afraid. 

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