Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

So the New Year has begun. The big 2-0-1-5 where has the time gone?

While I am not amongst those who will be shouting their resolutions from the rooftops; I do have some things in mind. However don’t let me know, that I know that I might have a couple of resolutions because if me finds out I will do everything in my power to ensure that these do not come true. Confused? Try being me.

I swear if I pay mind to anything that I am in the process of accomplishing I get overwhelmed and can’t go on. My goal-oriented mind is like ‘hey I heard you want to study for this examination,’
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and my whiny melodramatic mind is like; ‘you can’t see me, what examination, what? Are we human or are we dancers?’
and then things just get really wonky and I wind up eating a bag of onion rings or something of the like.

It is only once set goals are complete that I can admit to ever having goals, recognize accomplishing them, and celebrate with cake and Harry Potter marathons. So maybe a few months into the year you will see me post something about accomplishing a certain goal(s), or perhaps you will just see me posting about cake... which may or may not indicate that I have done something to deserve said cake. 

Happy New Year dear readership and by whatever means it is that you better your lives; be it goal-setting or something different, may you prosper on and be successful at having a happier fuller life. And for goodness' sake-let there be cake.

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