Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Cat's Pajamas

I have wanted some cats for awhile now. I finally got over the death of the best kitties in the entire world that I had at various times throughout my life. I honestly didn't think that day would come. Anyway I have hoped that I could snag two cats since I don't want to go through the heart break of only having one cat because inevitably when it passes as all living beings do in time; I won't lose my shit as bad as I would if I only had one cat. 

We have been wanting to adopt from a friend who runs a pet rescue. Her outfit is phenomenal, and she is highly trustworthy in her per dealings. However last night on Facebook these two fine specimens were posted from a shelter pretty close to us. 

How anyone can resist those faces is beyond me. Justin let me message the company to ask a few questions but I never heard a response. I was informed today that someone beat us to the punch and adopted the kitties in need. 

I think this is me in 20+ years by the way. Especially that fashion sense. It really does ring true to something I might wear when I turn my house into a cat compound. Whoever this lady is she seems like someone I would get along with very well. 

Also I was extraordinarily tired last night and tried to threaten Justin because I was being impatient with Trivia Crack.
My threats of course were futile because I am still a cat-less woman. *sigh. Also I think I was half asleep while writing this hence the end text message there in my one-sided conversation. 

I guess the outcome was bittersweet. Now we can focus on my friend's rescue. She knows us quite well and won't steer us wrong so it will all work out in the end. When the end will come? I'm not sure but I hope it is before the end of the year. I suppose we shall see in due time. With so many life tent poles up in the air it is hard to tell. 

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