Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Beat Goes On

I decided to start organizing our master closet today. Everything was haphazardly thrown into it upon moving into our house. It was manageable at the time-especially considering I wear like the same ten outfits over and over again like a wardrobe bad mixed tape or something. Then I lost a textbook I had sold on eBay so I tore apart every closet and made a huge mess. As we all know making a mess is easier than cleaning one up so I had let everything sit for a couple weeks. 

Today I color coded my closet because I guess I am a basic bitch. I meticulously went through each article and made sure it was hanging up right side out (so many pieces of clothing were inside out). It took forever and a day but the fruits of my labor were well worth it. 

Unfortunately I discovered one of the shirts I have been wearing (it's on the rotation of my ten most worn wardrobe pieces) is actually a Gap Body Intimates piece. So basically what I thought was a tunic is actually a night gown. So either the people I surround myself with were just too nice to inform me that I've been walking around in night clothes or I'm really not that crazy and it truly does look like a tunic. I would post a photo but I may or may not continue to wear it so I don't want to out it just yet. Plus I'm lazy. 

Speaking of lazy I've been having to force myself to do things lately; like cleaning out the closet. I've been dealing with the passing of a beloved family member. She was hospitalized for a few weeks before she eventually slipped away. Even knowing that death was coming didn't make the passing easier. But I guess at least she is free from pain now. You may have noticed my blog umph has dwindled a touch lately. That is why; despite the countless other excuses I gave. Tomorrow is the funeral. It will be in New York and I will be here attending a job interview unfortunately and fortunately. I wish I could be in attendance but at least I got to say goodbye a handful of times. Funny how no matter how many times you do get to say goodbye you always wish for one more time. Or at least I do. 

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