Friday, May 6, 2016

Bird is the Word

I have this friend who talks yoga with me. We are about equal in ability, and in thinking we can do poses we can't. She took the initiative to invite me to her Pinterest board just for work-out related things. I've kind of learned how to use it. She always finds these extraordinarily awesome poses and sequences. I always steal them. 

The other day she pinned this "bird of paradise," pose. It looks as cool as is sounds. 

Obviously I had to attempt this at once. If I can do a handstand for three seconds this ought to be cake. I sprang out of bed and set up my camera phone since I knew I'd nail the pose one my first take and wanted proof. 

I realized my camera angle was a bit off since I'm not one of those selfie takers. I had to set up the timer run and get in position... or as close to position as possible. 

It took a couple of goes. 

And a couple more. 

You'll note I'm dressed in my traditional garb here. Justin's basketball shorts and a sweatshirt. So handsome I am. 

Finally I almost got it. My foot looks like a hobbit's foot which is cool because obviously I totally want to live in the shire. I need to work on my standing leg. And me arms. And my other leg. Possibly the laundry and my photo taking skills. 

Anyway I had to share these because those individuals who post like 3-4 photos/videos of themselves per day uber serious about working out drive me nuts. So this was kind of cathartic in a sense because I slightly understand wanting to capture photos of hard work paying off every once in a great while. I wouldn't have normally posted this but it's a work of art and needed to be shared. Obviously I just broke the Internet. Or the Internet has just broken me. 

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