Monday, May 16, 2016

Work Trip Blues

I had a rough week last week. Being out of town for work can be a challenge. Being out of town for work and falling ill is a tougher challenge. I was exhausted when I finally got home. I spent a few days recovering or attempting to at least. 

I'm truly spoiled when I don't feel well. Justin attends to my every need and want with his big-butted self while I whine and cry to him. He'll make me toast and soup, or perhaps bring me a piece of chocolate. It is delightful. Needless to say I was feeling quite directionless after four whole days without him. 

Last night though I was in much better spirits I still was suffering from missing him over the weekend. I begged for him to come to bed early so we could cuddle and I could whine to him. For reasons unbeknownst to me he had me wait an entire thirty minutes before gracing me with his presence. 

How ever did I survive in the interim you ask? I made a Justin. 

That's right; look at it!!!! Meet Justin number two (who by the way is not as beefy as regular Justin and way less satisfying to hug. Not to mention he is an amputee) Justin was appalled by my creation but I'm pretty sure he was just jealous. Obviously he missed out on some great conversations, arm wrestling matches and cuddling.  Thinking of bringing Justin number two to work with me. Maybe I could get him approved as like a seeing eye dog. 

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