Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Color Me Happy

Apparently coloring is a thing now for adults. I've been left scratching my head, though with great happiness, over the hundreds upon thousands of adult coloring books that have come out. I've always colored because I don't need to give a reason why. Now my options feel limitless as I even proudly own a couple Harry Potter themed coloring books. 

There was this coloring contest at Hastings. For those of you who don't have a Hastings near you I'm sorry. Hastings is amazing. Fortunately they have an online store so one can definitely peruse online. Be warned you may want to buy things your boyfriend thinks are not necessities. 

Anyway Hastings' coloring contest happened sometime around March. The winner of the contest was given two Harry Potter coloring books, a small gift card and some colored pencils. I spent like sixteen hours coloring the minute details of Hedwig in the forbidden forest. I thought I had a fighting chance except not really. Unfortunately I lost miserably. Justin thinks it's because my Hedwig looks like she ate Elton John I think she looks like every other thing I color. 

I never did take a final photo of my submission because I got so excited about mailing it. The above photo was taken close to the end however. Never underestimate the fucking tediousness that goes into coloring something this intricate. But damn it I finished it. 

One of my girlfriends randomly purchased me a Harry Potter coloring book a couple of days after this contest submission period ended. I'm pretty sure she knew I was going to lose and she was attempting to spare my feelings. I'll take it. If you need me I'll be coloring in my blanket fort with Hagrid. 

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