Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Flashing Friends

Sometimes I get invited to friends' houses. It's usually a good time. Well at least for me it is. 

This past weekend I went to Jessica's house (I swear I have three different friends with the name Jessica it isn't the same person I keep talking about... although maybe they ARE all the same person and living a triple life to trick me). This Jessica I only met within the past year. She has a couple kids, a husband, a dog I want to kidnap, a dog I want to pet until it's fur falls off, and umpteen cats which I rarely catch glimpse of. I should make mention of this fantastic library she has complete with the kinds of books so old you get that high just from smelling them. *sigh. 

I went to Jessica's house (incidentally I simply must mention both sunburns I've gotten were from her house). Her older son (17) and his friend were both standing inside the door when I arrived. I enveloped myself in dogs to accept my warm welcome. I tried to shake hands with the boys between my tryst with the dogs. Then the one dog who I want to pet until it's fur fell off apparently decided that she wanted to pet me until my clothes fell off. She stuck her paw in the V of my v-neck shirt and pulled. And I was like; "hi boob."

 I almost died from embarrassment but fortunately Jessica is convinced that she is the only one that saw anything. Which is good because she sees boobs all day long when we work together so she is immune. Not that I flash her at work with my boobs or anything. 

Speaking of work I'll end with leaving this photo right here for you. 

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