Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I've been out of town on a work trip the past few days. Which you would know if you have been subjected to my extraordinarily boring blog lately. You may recall yesterday I mentioned that I am on the verge of dying from a very gnarly cold of some sort. I suspect dementors. I know what your thinking; this will be the best blog she has ever written and it totally won't be about cats because she is on her death bed. False. Sorry to disappoint.... This photo sums up how I feel to a 'T,' and it has cats. 

Justin has been trying to be a dutiful fiancé because he gets weepy when I am not at home. He complains about having to order Carl's Junior, Los Betos, and family size portions from pasta places. Though I'm pretty sure it is like ninety thanksgiving feasts in a row when I leave (for him) because he eats his feelings sometimes. Exhibit A link

My throat has been so sore that we've been unable to talk over the phone. I've considered face timing him but it could get terribly confusing with him trying to interpret my facial expressions and charades. He'd probably be like "??? You want to go on a murder spree," and I'd be like, "no silly I want to go on a shopping spree." Just would be all sorts of messed up. So instead we text bitching about not being able to talk. It's been lame. However since there is a silver lining in everything so I'm going to say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I just made that up right here on the spot... But seriously can't wait to get home and have my bubble butt bake me a sympathy cake, pie, brownies and cookies. 

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