Friday, May 20, 2016

Stitch Fix, Pinterest and Chuck Norris

I started using Pinterest. Kind of. I'm still not very good at it and mostly use it for Stitch Fix which by the way I'm slightly addicted to. I will write a post someday when I have the energy to give it the justice it deserves. It has been a long week since I'm still on the mend from this bad cold that is hanging on like...well; a bad cold. I am feeling pretty brain dead. In the meantime here is a shameless plug for the website

Back to this Pinterest business. I do collaborate on a couple of boards with one of my girlfriends. She is also known as my work wife just FYI. We share a love of yoga and seem to enjoy the same poses. We keep intriguing poses organized on a Pinterest board so that when we are bored we can try them. She does the majority of the pinning since I am electronically challenged. I however have pinned a handful of things. Now Pinterest thinks I am a man. Check out this email I got of pins it suggested for me. 

Jerk. I guess Pinterest isn't the first being to suspect that I have a penis. Hell even sometimes I myself have to double check and make sure I'm not a dude (in the most non-sexual way possible I might add... usually I feel around for a beard-especially since one of my main thinking poses involves my combing the side of my face/chin area with my thumb and forefinger.) huh. I guess it's Friday and that is all I have to say for myself because I'm pretty sure if I keep yammering on I'll grow a mustache then Justin might feel conflicted about loving me. He claims he likes my feminine touch, but I rather think he likes being manhandled. Also he likes when I roundhouse kick in the living room like Chuck Norris because obviously it is hella sexy in a rough and tough rogue cowboy kind of way. 

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