Monday, May 23, 2016


This weekend I started this new thing with Justin in the bedroom. I don't know where it came from it just happened. Kind of like hammer pants only better because you can't get too fat for it. In fact the more weight you gain the better. 

I call it Rhinocerossing. Justin stands with his back to me facing the bed and I run like there is no tomorrow and rhinoceros into him. He then flies across the bed because I am so forceful. It is amazing and possibly should become an Olympic event. 

Honestly I feel like our next house should have a super long hallway in it so I can get a good running start. Adulting at its finest and goals. Yes that was a sentence. 

I found this photo on the interwebs that depicts what happens during Rhinocerossing.
I'm the gentleman running the cliff is the bed and Justin is my unsuspecting victim. 

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