Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Baker Kitty

Occasionally I work in Baker City because women here have boobs too. I've been here the past few days missing Justin like crazy and feeling like crap. Somehow I got sick with the whole sore throat body aches thing. Last night I had to get up twice in the middle of the night to shower since I was so cold. It was 70 degrees in here too so I knew something was off. Then this morning there was a spider in my bathroom and I was like, "nooooooooo," because it was probably watching me shower last night. Fucking perv. 

Anyway you may recall from a couple blogs I wrote ages ago that stores in Baker sometimes have cats. I think all stores should indoctrinate this cat policy; it sure would alleviate animal shelter overpopulation. There is this one store in particular in Baker that has a cat I love to stalk. Without fail every time I visit I go see this cat. 

Today she was super pissy. I pet her and she was like, "raaawrrrmeow," and I was like "what the hell?" Then I walked around the store pretending to shop for like ten minutes while I tried to take photos of the cat.  Unfortunately kitty kept licking her own crotch because I'm pretty sure she knew what I was up to. So I only got a couple half way okay photos. 

I decided to pet the cat goodbye and she yelled at me again because I may or may not have interrupted her bath time. Then she bit me with her crotch breath and I was like... "Somebody seems angry. Do you want a hug?" And she yelled really loud and bit me again. So I left bitter in both the figurative way, and the my hand smells like cat vag kind of way. Thanks Baker City. Thanks a lot. 

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