Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Cat's Ass

Monday and Tuesday have been exceptionally busy at work. We've had a co-worker out sick in our area and things have gotten a little hectic.

One of my favorite friends now works alongside me in this particular portion of our department. We comprise an elite team all clustered in the same grouping of cubicles. It astounds me how I feel like I can only mutter two or three sentences to her when she is mere feet away. Previously we were able to chat online all day long from separate offices in different cities. Lame sauce. 

Today I was feeling needy so I left a drawing of a cat face on my friend's desk while she was at lunch. Because what better way to communicate than by cats? I would have left an actual cat but Pancake would have gotten jealous. That's her cat. And yes that is the most awesome non-Harry Potter themed cat name ever. 

I took my lunch after she returned. I came back to this:

It really set the stage for what happened next. I made my way to the rest room which is located outside of our department and shared with several other employees. I sat down to pee and caught something out of the corner of my eye. On the floor next to me between my stall and then next was a fucking turd! I was like oh my god don't look at it! Then I kept almost throwing up. I totally had stage freight because I felt like someone was watching me because the turd was. So I couldn't pee and I was so afraid whoever came in the bathroom after me would be convinced that I left the turd on the floor; especially because it was taking so long for me to pee. 

Humans can be filthy. I'm not sure who decided to leave that gift on the floor but my goodness... Shudder. No-just no. 

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