Monday, May 9, 2016

Cat backpacking

So I saw this thing on Facebook the other day. I've had screen shots of the photos in my phone for too long so I decided to write something about it because I can't stop daydreaming about it. 

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I need to see what the inside looks like but I'm assuming that it is much bigger than it looks, has food, water, and a liter box, possibly a scratching post and a chair for me to sit in while I pet my cat. 

Imagine the possibilities. We could go everywhere together. And possibly it is hypoallergenic, or at least that is what I'm writing because just maybe that will force Justin to get me a couple cats and a sporty new backpack to carry them around in. 

So obviously this cat looks super happy. I think I need to go to France and find one of these bad boys. I can even pick up a chapeau for my new cat and then life will be glorious. As if it could be anymore glorious than it already is. 

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