Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Prime Time Shopping

One of my friends suggested a book for me to read. Being as how my Amazon cart has been idling just under the $35 marker for a few months (free shipping amount for us non-Prime users) I was rearing to put the book in my cart. Also a certain holiday is coming up for which one of the books in my cart will make a great gift to a certain someone. So that made me even more excited. 

Anticipation was mounting as I awaited what felt like decades because let's face it; my patience is dreadfully thin. I decided to see if Amazon could read minds so I keyed "book Lacy told me to read," into the search bar this is what Amazon suggested. 

Way to go Amazon. You think Lacy is a perv! Though I must say Lacy does milk her own goats and she is a sexy beast so there is that. Huh. 

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