Monday, May 30, 2016

Texting Troubles

I have a few friends that I text frequently. I also text Justin like I'm his fan girl because I am. Sometimes I'm only mildly aware of who I'm text messaging because I think I've text messages a particular person last and don't even pay attention and just click on the top text and go for it. Lazy? Brain dead? I dunno but it makes for some interesting conversations I suppose. 

Me: We have to be careful Rhinocerossing because there is a metal thing sticking out of the bed

Lacy: wait... What?

Me: Omfg sorry I meant to send that to Justin I just did a ton of yoga because I ate too many cookies and I am out of it. While doing yoga I bumped into the side of the bed and there is this metal thingy poking out. Rhinocerossing is not sex I promise!

Me again: It's really dumb but if one of us is standing at the foot of the bed facing it the other one runs like a rhinoceros and knocks the one standing on to the bed

And me one more time: I swear to god we don't have sex like rhinos omfg

Lacy: OMG that is the most amazing accidental text lmao

Me: I seriously hope that you don't think we practice beastiality 

Lacy: I would hardly think that. Plus if you were legit into rhinos I need to know two things: how is it accomplished and where do you keep the rhino?

Somehow my friend believes me and doesn't think I'm crazy which is awesome. I chalk this up as a win. 

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