Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I'm on another work trip this week. Well, technically just for this night. It does feel like a week though since I don't get to see my main squeeze for approximately 36 hours. 

It's been interesting so far here in this small town. I haven't been here before. I've driven through since it is right off a highway. This particular highway apparently runs from Newport, Oregon to Newport, Maine. I'm not sure of the facts on that, but the motel owner seemed pretty confident about his claim. Also I learned that there are only about 330 people here. Well 333 now I guess since my work mates are here. 

I'm still recovering from the gross illness I got on my last mobile trip. So I'm feeling extra needy and missing Justin extraly because that is a word and because I'm using that as an excuse. Though perhaps I'm just becoming one of those clinger 5,000 basic bitches. Great. 

I did kill a huge spider when I got here. It was in the motel room like, "welcome," and I was like, "I'm am an independent woman and will squash you to hellllllll," except I was more screamy. Yeeeeuck. Also we almost killed a couple of cows with the mammography bus because they apparently don't have fences out here in this free-range area. They probably just wanted mammograms because we don't come here very often and they need to be screened too. 

Anyway here is a photo from before I left. I was trying to take a picture of the flowers Justin bought me when he came waltzing into the room and I angled my lens at him instead. The photo is all blurry, and I didn't get the whole flower or the whole Justin, but I like it because I'm feeling nostalgic. 

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